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Double Trouble

My situation has turned for the better!  Everything is beginning to come together for me and I am still learning how to edit videos.  Today, I received an offer I couldn’t refuse, therefore I took it upon myself to accept it.  A man had messaged me who was selling a Vectrex locally.  It sounded too good to be true at first, but he was a nice, older gentleman whose kids had collected games, but they had grown up and moved on.  He told me the system worked, the controller worked, but it never came with any games.  I offered him $50 for it and he gladly accepted!

I brought it back home and tested everything out; and it works pretty good.  The sound works, but it’s a little shaky when tuning it.  There also seems to be a piece thrashing about on the inside, but it doesn’t seem to disturb anything for the time being.  I will fix those at a later date.  I’m pretty happy with this find and it is currently sitting right next to my other Vectrex!

Because of what has happened today, I think I am going to work hard tonight and finish something special that I think a lot of people have been waiting for:

A complete disc-based PS3 RPG list.  Expect it uploaded soon!

Here’s a photo from today’s haul!

Vectrex Game Console

Buy it from Amazon!


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