Whew!  I’ve finally hit 60,000 views on the youtube channel.  As promised, I released another list; a complete Xbox 360 RPG list.  In celebration, I also uploaded 2 more lists!  One is for Game Boy Advance, and the other is for the Sega Saturn.  It’s the entirety of their RPG library compiled into one video each.

Not only have I been catching up on some new lists, but I’ve also went through a ton of the comments on the old ones and found games that were errors, and omitted.  There was even one box art that wasn’t made by a fan!  Whoops!

I’ve since corrected all of these mistakes, albeit there could be some more lurking in there.  If anyone spots any though, either shoot me a message, or post about it in the comments section on the video in question.  I have honestly finished all of the corrections now, but what I’ll do is go through the comments and give credit where it is due.  Anyone that has pointed out a flaw in one of the lists, and it turned out to be legitimate, will have their name plastered in the video description along with what they discovered.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to upload them tomorrow night as I have some friends coming in to town.  We’ll see though.

Oh, and I’ve also revised some of the lists to accommodate RPG purists.  I believe I’ve found a solution that will please everyone.  Hopefully anyway!

Here are the lists:

Xbox 360

Game Boy Advance

Sega Saturn

Until next time!



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Another Day, Another List

Just uploaded the Wii RPG list a bit ago.  I’ve already compiled an Xbox 360 one and it’s currently in the works.  Whether or not I’ll be able to work my schedule around Boardwalk Empire to finish it tonight is another question, but it’s definitely getting done soon. 😉

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Double Trouble

My situation has turned for the better!  Everything is beginning to come together for me and I am still learning how to edit videos.  Today, I received an offer I couldn’t refuse, therefore I took it upon myself to accept it.  A man had messaged me who was selling a Vectrex locally.  It sounded too good to be true at first, but he was a nice, older gentleman whose kids had collected games, but they had grown up and moved on.  He told me the system worked, the controller worked, but it never came with any games.  I offered him $50 for it and he gladly accepted!

I brought it back home and tested everything out; and it works pretty good.  The sound works, but it’s a little shaky when tuning it.  There also seems to be a piece thrashing about on the inside, but it doesn’t seem to disturb anything for the time being.  I will fix those at a later date.  I’m pretty happy with this find and it is currently sitting right next to my other Vectrex!

Because of what has happened today, I think I am going to work hard tonight and finish something special that I think a lot of people have been waiting for:

A complete disc-based PS3 RPG list.  Expect it uploaded soon!

Here’s a photo from today’s haul!

Vectrex Game Console

Buy it from Amazon!

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Working the Grind

I have recently fixed my monitor, so I did not have to buy a new one!  Hooray!

I’ve also started fixing some of the errors — more, or less, omissions from the RPG lists I had uploaded to youtube.  I have also begun working on a PS3 RPG list for the youtube channel today!  I’ll be compiling an Xbox 360 and Wii list shortly after.  Those will constantly be deleted and updated as new RPGs come out for them, but I  believe people will appreciate having the lists.  Making these lists is slightly tricky because of the online stores that each console has.  I believe creating a disc-based list and an online list separately might solve this issue.  I’m not sure how others feel about it, but I would want two separate lists instead of having to research what is disc-based and what is sold online.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or input, please share.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks!


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A Bumpy Road

Given the fact that my financial situation isn’t that great at the moment, there just had to be a bump in the road.  The monitor on my main PC has given out today and this computer isn’t as powerful as the other tower.  Sure, I could hook this monitor up to that tower, but that would defeat the purpose.  This one is sorely needed as it is, therefore I will have to purchase a new one tomorrow.  I almost want to wait, but I can’t.  I need a monitor in order to progress my channel.  I’ll be spending a significant cost tomorrow on video editing software, so it’s just funny that this had to happen now.  On the bright side, I suppose I don’t need to make two trips!

This monitor keeps crapping out every 10 minutes, or so.  At least I can fully reformat the tower and get it ready for tomorrow.

A fresh monitor, a fresh start.


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Review Update

I’ve been recording gaming footage for awhile now.  The financial front has been tight as of late, but I’m hoping to shortly gain some video editing software so that I can begin the editing process and start the reviews.  I believe I’ll be going with Adobe Premiere and starting through that route.  I’d love to upload new and fresh content right away, but I’ll be honest.  It’s probably going to take a week or two, at least, before I get to the point where I’m comfortable at pumping out videos.  I’ll try to get started later on this week though.

If anyone has any comments, or suggestions that they’d like to make, I’m all ears.  Your input could very well be a deciding factor on how I begin the process of editing the hundreds of gigs of video files I’ve compiled so far.  For the time being, I’m refining the RPG lists and have begun updating them.  I will be deleting the current ones soon and re-uploading the revised versions in sync.  I’ve also been tinkering with the idea of starting a PS3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii RPG list.  I’d have to constantly delete them and re-upload them, of course, but it would be worth it.  I’m obviously not making any money off of the lists currently because of copyright standards, but being able to help people narrow down the titles they need in a complete and concise list would be wonderful.

Leave some thoughts in the comments section for me to read!


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A Call To Arms!

I’ve finally become active again and my newest activity demands feedback!  I was wondering what you all would like to see done on the youtube page, therefore I have decided to create a poll.  Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks for all of your help!  Please leave additional comments down below!

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