A Bumpy Road

Given the fact that my financial situation isn’t that great at the moment, there just had to be a bump in the road.  The monitor on my main PC has given out today and this computer isn’t as powerful as the other tower.  Sure, I could hook this monitor up to that tower, but that would defeat the purpose.  This one is sorely needed as it is, therefore I will have to purchase a new one tomorrow.  I almost want to wait, but I can’t.  I need a monitor in order to progress my channel.  I’ll be spending a significant cost tomorrow on video editing software, so it’s just funny that this had to happen now.  On the bright side, I suppose I don’t need to make two trips!

This monitor keeps crapping out every 10 minutes, or so.  At least I can fully reformat the tower and get it ready for tomorrow.

A fresh monitor, a fresh start.



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