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Review Update

I’ve been recording gaming footage for awhile now.  The financial front has been tight as of late, but I’m hoping to shortly gain some video editing software so that I can begin the editing process and start the reviews.  I believe I’ll be going with Adobe Premiere and starting through that route.  I’d love to upload new and fresh content right away, but I’ll be honest.  It’s probably going to take a week or two, at least, before I get to the point where I’m comfortable at pumping out videos.  I’ll try to get started later on this week though.

If anyone has any comments, or suggestions that they’d like to make, I’m all ears.  Your input could very well be a deciding factor on how I begin the process of editing the hundreds of gigs of video files I’ve compiled so far.  For the time being, I’m refining the RPG lists and have begun updating them.  I will be deleting the current ones soon and re-uploading the revised versions in sync.  I’ve also been tinkering with the idea of starting a PS3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii RPG list.  I’d have to constantly delete them and re-upload them, of course, but it would be worth it.  I’m obviously not making any money off of the lists currently because of copyright standards, but being able to help people narrow down the titles they need in a complete and concise list would be wonderful.

Leave some thoughts in the comments section for me to read!



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A Call To Arms!

I’ve finally become active again and my newest activity demands feedback!  I was wondering what you all would like to see done on the youtube page, therefore I have decided to create a poll.  Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks for all of your help!  Please leave additional comments down below!

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