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Working the Grind

I have recently fixed my monitor, so I did not have to buy a new one!  Hooray!

I’ve also started fixing some of the errors — more, or less, omissions from the RPG lists I had uploaded to youtube.  I have also begun working on a PS3 RPG list for the youtube channel today!  I’ll be compiling an Xbox 360 and Wii list shortly after.  Those will constantly be deleted and updated as new RPGs come out for them, but I  believe people will appreciate having the lists.  Making these lists is slightly tricky because of the online stores that each console has.  I believe creating a disc-based list and an online list separately might solve this issue.  I’m not sure how others feel about it, but I would want two separate lists instead of having to research what is disc-based and what is sold online.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or input, please share.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks!



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A Call To Arms!

I’ve finally become active again and my newest activity demands feedback!  I was wondering what you all would like to see done on the youtube page, therefore I have decided to create a poll.  Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks for all of your help!  Please leave additional comments down below!

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