A Good Haul!

Got a pretty good game haul this week.  I’ve been meaning to upload some photos from it, but for whatever reason I have seemingly lost my camera cable!  Well, instead of waiting on a cable in the mail, I ran to the nearest tech store to grab a memory card reader.  So, without further delay, I bring you my latest haul:

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These are actually just my latest PS1 games.  I have a few more from other consoles, but for now I’ll leave you with these!


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Seedy Gamer

You look down the stench-filled, dingy alley and near the end of it you can make out a man pulling something out of his pocket.  As if compelled, you make your way down the narrow, urban structure, yet the back of your mind is screaming for you to leave.  Seemingly possessed, you continue your path down the unintentional arrangement and come upon an old man who is lighting a cigarette.

“Let me tell you, boy,” he pauses to suck in the flame, “a thing, or two, about games.” as he exhales with relief while the nicotine fills his veins.

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